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BioGuard Basic Tabs 7 Kg
BioGuard Basic Tabs 7 Kg
Brand: BioGuard



The BioGuard Basic Tab is compressed 3" trichlor tablet that provides basic performance in your swimming pool.

Sanitizers are the key ingredient of proper pool maintenance and water balance. Chlorine keeps the water clear, protected from bacteria and helps to control algae. 

How to Use: Add the recommended amount of 3" tablets to the skimmer, automatic feeder/chlorinator, or floater weekly.

• Contains stabilizer
• Controls algae and bacteria in swimming pool water
• 3" white, compressed tablet
• Hot or rainy weather or heavy pool use may require higher usage rates to maintain proper chlorine residuals
• STEP 1 of the BioGuard Once-a-Week 3-Step Program

Net Contents: 7 kg

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BioGuard Basic Tabs