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BioGuard Spring Pool Opening Kit
BioGuard Spring Pool Opening Kit
Brand: BioGuard



The BioGuard Spring Pool Opening Kit is your key for a flawless, easy opening. 
Start the reason off right!
How to Use: 
  1. One kit treats a maximum of  80,000 L of water.
  2. Add the Power Chlor through the skimmer.
  3. Add the Banish around the edges of the deepest area of your swimming pool.

  • Prepares your swimming pool for the season
  • Establish and build a chlorine residual
  • Prevent early growth and spread of chlorine killing algae blooms

Net Contents: BioGuard Banish 946 mL (x1)  and  BioGuard Power Chlor 1 kg (x1)

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