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Solar Light Up Chlorinator Pineapple
Solar Light Up Chlorinator Pineapple
Brand: Game



Game Solar Pineapple Chlorinator 

Chlorine Tablet Dispenser / Floater

The Solar Pineapple Chlorinator not only dispenses chlorine into your swimming pool, but also lights up at night. The Solar Pineapple Chlorinator happily decorates your pool as it chlorinates both during the day and at night.Itis the only pool and spa chlorinator that uses energy from the sun to light up at night. A light sensor will turn the pineapple light on at dusk and shut it off at dawn.

Solar Pineapple Chlorinators have an expandable basket, can hold up to (6) 3" tablets and have the ability to adjust the flow rate. Expanding the basket is as simple as pulling it down.


  • Solar powered with rechargeable battery
  • Light sensor turns unit on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Holds (5) 3" chlorine tablets
  • Expandable chlorine basket
  • Adjustable dispensing rate
  • Tilts over when in need of refilling

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